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Thanks to all Contributors!

To receive such praise is a real honor. It is truly rewarding to know that our services are so highly valued by our boarding customers. We regret space limits us to showing so few photos.

We are proud to have gained the respect and trust of professionals in over two dozen veterinarian hospitals and animal shelters in southern Maine. Their referrals have contributed largely to our success. We strongly encourage you to speak to your vet and their staff to ask them what they like about our services and facility.

Feline Specialists

Dr. Debra M. Givin D.V.M.- The Cat Doctor, Portland
"When our clients seek conscientious care in a cat friendly environment for their special feline friends while they are away from home, we confidently recommend Falmouth Happy Cats."

Dr. Kristine Hoyt D.V.M.- Cats on Call, Scarborough
"We had started doing referrals to Falmouth Happy Cats based on what we saw in their brochure. We continue to make referrals because of the feedback from the clients who have been to Falmouth Happy cats, as they rave about the cleanliness, the wonderful care they got, and the great "condo units" there, which are larger than our own boarding condos. We fully intend to continue referring clients to Falmouth Happy Cats."

Beth DeSwarte- President, Homeless Animal Rescue Team, (H.A.R.T.) Cumberland, a cats only shelter
"Falmouth Happy Cats is a wonderful, bright, and comfortable space for cats to rest and play while their people are away! Alex and Claire have blended the right mixture of cat care and professionalism into Falmouth Happy Cats. Some of our volunteers at the H.A.R.T. shelter have boarded their cats at Falmouth Happy Cats and we are always glad to recommend them to others."

Cat Owners

Susan Britt- Director of Operations, Animal Refuge League, (ARL) Westbrook- Tweetie and Highway
"Having been a client of Happy Cats I know that people are lucky to have such a wonderful facility in
our backyards! You are such a haven for cat lovers. Thank you for all your wonderful work on behalf
of our feline friends!"

Amy Harris, Falmouth - Jack
"We feel so lucky to have found Falmouth Happy Cats. We are able to leave our cat Jack with Claire and Alex and not worry at all because we know he will be well taken care of with plenty of love and attention. We appreciate the professional way in which Falmouth Happy Cats is run as well."

Jeanne Rapone, Yarmouth - Tiny
"Falmouth Happy Cats is the best! We are so comfortable leaving Tiny with Claire and Alex. We know he is cared for and loved there as much as he is at home."

Betsy Tod, Falmouth - Murray
"There are so many great things I could say about Falmouth Happy Cats but I think the best testimonial comes from our cat Murray, who, upon the end of his stay the last few times has dug in his claws and refuses to leave. I have never seen him so happy and comfortable anywhere else. Alex and Claire have done a great job!"

Mary Brown, Freeport - Blanca & Tiger
"The best care ever! Clean environment, personal attention for the cats, and very friendly service."

Bette Smart, Falmouth - Sayde
"Sayde loves Falmouth Happy cats and they love her! She gets special attention. Her fur is brushed, they play with her, and she gets a chance to roam around on her own."

Linda Peyton, Freeport - Luna
"Claire and Alex are warm and wonderful people and sincere cat lovers and take excellent care of our cat when he boards. Falmouth Happy Cats is spacious, clean, and very attractive. Our cat seems real comfortable and at home at Happy Cats. We are extremely pleased with the business."

Theresa Mancini, Portland - Chloe
Happy Cats has made life easier for myself and for Chloe. I know when I leave her there, she is getting the care and attention she needs when away from home. I was very impressed at how immaculate the rooms were."

Barbara and Dick Grotton, Cape Elizabeth - Freeway & Butterscotch
"We have two young abandoned cats. Knowing their history, Alex and Claire are very patient, caring and supportive of their unique personalities and strange actions. We needed to find a great facility and caring people to provide safety, love and care for our cats, and peace of mind for us, while we traveled. Happy Cats always exceeds our expectations."

Mary Jean Major, Falmouth - Puddin & Pumkin
"Falmouth Happy Cats is not only a boarding facility but a home away from home. Claire and Alex give our cats exceptional care all in a safe and loving environment. They truly are happy cats during their visits."

Charlotte O'Connor, Falmouth - Bella & Maggie
"Bella and Maggie "my girls" love it at Falmouth Happy Cats… and these two hate to leave their home with one exception, to board at Happy Cats! They return home after their vacation, clean, well-fed, and well adjusted."

Jane Makela, Falmouth - Shadow
"Our family vacations were made much more enjoyable knowing Shadow was at Falmouth Happy Cats. In fact when we came to pick her up, we sometimes thought she didn't want to leave!"

Sandi Gomez, South Portland - Emily
"Our kitty Emily is a fussy 16 year old. She always resented it when we traveled and left her at home in the care of friends. Now, she is as happy about our travels as we are. Emily gets to be pampered at Falmouth Cats and we don't worry!"

Cathy McDonald, South Portland- Miss Molly & Spanky
"Miss Molly and Spanky love to go to Falmouth Happy Cats. There's lots of cat toys there and the owners treat them like purrfect quests. Falmouth Happy Cats provide a safe, clean, and funfilled environment for my cats. They are always in a good mood when I pick them up after a stay there. Falmouth Happy Cats is "purrfect" for Miss Molly and Spanky, lots of purrss can be found here!"

Dorothy Smith, Portland - Sunshine
"I have been very pleased with leaving my cat Happy Cats. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, and does well looking out the windows, both while in her "kitty condo" and during her free time roaming the huge play area. She likes her human playmates, and being young herself, especially her untiring middle school friend there."

Diane Shumway, Yarmouth - Orlando
"My orange tabby gets very excited when the cat carrier comes out as he knows he will be going to Falmouth Happy Cats to spend time with Claire and Alex as well as the other visiting cats. He loves all the various cat toys and seeing the other feline guests. I love it because it is so clean and Claire and Alex love cats."

Katherine and Bernie Echevarri, Falmouth - Pounce
"Our old, blind Siamese cat always stays at Falmouth Happy Cats when we go away. They care for her so lovingly we would not leave her any place else. Pounce feels competely at home and we know she is a happy cat when she stays with Claire and Alex. They know every cat so well. You can tell they genuinely care for the animals! Truth be told, Pounce is happier at Falmouth Happy Cats than at home-they understand and care for her needs as a blind cat."

Chris and Larry Aufiero, Cumberland - Caly
"We were recommended to Falmouth Happy Cats through our veterinarian. She and several others told us of the great care given to the cats boarding at Happy Cats. Caly is very much a people cat and is accustomed to lots of love and attention at home. Her first visit was a good experience! We have been returning ever since. Claire and Alex pay special attention to the care and cleanliness of each and every cat. They are very personable and work hard to accommodate our needs. Caly is so happy and comfortable at Happy Cats that we have to bribe her with treats when it's time to pick her up. We are all very pleased with our experience at Happy Cats!"

Roxanne Metayer O.D., Windham - P.J. and Pongo
"We have boarded our two cats at Falmouth Happy Cats during long vacations. Not only were they well cared for, but Claire told us uninque things about their behavior that we had never noticed!"

Mary Bird, Yarmouth - Widgie
"Widgie loves you and that is saying a lot for such a shy kitty!"

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