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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do all the cats come out together?

No, cats absolutely never commingle! Since cats are such territorial animals, it is
safer and a lot less stressful for all cats, to keep them separated. This prevents the opportunity of injury from fights. Each cat, or family of cats, has their own time every day for exercise and playtime outside their individual kennel. No commingling also eliminates the possibility of spreading disease by the exchange of saliva or urine, as they do not have access to each other's food bowls, water bowls, or litter boxes.

2. Can both my cats stay together in one kennel?

Yes, there definitely is enough room in one kennel for two cats to stay together comfortably. Actually most of our customers with two cats choose to have them
stay in one kennel together as most cats from the same family enjoy each other's company. There is enough space on both shelves for a fleece-lined bed and room
for a full-grown cat to lay down.

3. How large are the individual kennels?

Most of the kennels are 3' wide by 3' deep by 4' tall with two carpeted shelves. The lower shelf is about 18" deep and the upper shelf is about 12" deep.

4. Should I bring my cat's food and dishes?

To help make your cat's stay more comfortable it is helpful to maintain consistency in diet. If you change the diet of a cat, usually it will either not eat or get sick. So you will need to bring your cat's regular food and treats, and we feed morning and evening according to your instructions. Please do not bring your cat's water or food bowls, self feeding and watering equipment are fine.

5. My cat needs medicine, will you give it pills?

Yes, if your cat can be handled safely. Most cats that require a pill are fine. But if your cat has a history of biting or is too difficult to handle, we cannot guarantee your cat will receive it. We also will give other forms of medication, but do not give injections.

Boarding Rates

1. Do you give a discount if I board more than one cat?

Yes, for more information on multiple cat rates please see Hours and Rates.

2. Do you have monthly rates?

Yes, if you board a cat longer than 30 days we reduce the daily rate. For more information please see Hours and Rates.

3. Do you take credit cards?

No, we accept only local checks or cash, and we are not set up to take credit cards.


1. How much advance notice is suggested to make a reservation?

Don't hesitate to call us with your last minute reservation. We do suggest you call as soon as you know your plans.

2. Is a deposit required?

Usually no. A 50% deposit is required when the total boarding fee of your first visit exceeds $300.00.

3. Which shots do you require?

We require rabies and distemper. For more information regarding additional requirements see Vaccinations.

4. What hours can I drop off and pick up my cat?

Our appointment hours are M-F 12-5, Sat. 12-2. For more details and information regarding holidays see Hours & Rates.

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