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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a boarding experience that is stress free for you and your cat. Your cat is given special care and attention by us and you will receive friendly and professional service. We are proud to offer very comfortable accommodations with exceptional attention to cleanliness.

Special Care and Attention

  1. Individual exercise and playtime
  2. Frequent human contact and affection
  3. No commingling for health and safety
  4. Cats are free to roam the entire facility
  5. Feeding is done according to your instructions

Friendly and Professional Service

  1. Warm and friendly atmosphere
  2. Individual appointments for drop off, and pick up
  3. Appointment hours on weekdays and weekends
  4. Check up calls are welcomed

Very Comfortable Accommodations

  1. Window views from inside the kennels
  2. Window seats and stuffed arm chairs for napping
  3. Private, spacious, and comfortable kennels
  4. Lots of cat toys and climbing posts
  5. Fleece lined padded beds and carpeted shelves
  6. Multiple cats can share adjoining kennels

Exceptional Cleanliness

  1. Immaculately clean and fresh smelling facility
  2. Lower level of every kennel is disinfected daily
  3. Litter is replaced daily to prevent odor build up
  4. Kennels are disinfected and deodorized between cats
  5. Beds and carpets are disinfected and deodorized between cats
  6. Facility is air-conditioned to control heat and humidity
  7. Twelve operable windows allow fresh air ventilation
  8. 30" whole house fan provides additional forced ventilation.

561 Blackstrap Road   —   Falmouth, ME 04105   —   Tel./Fax. (207) 797-0001  —   Email: info@FalmouthHappyCats.com

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