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Items to Bring


To help make your cat's stay more comfortable it is helpful to maintain consistency in diet and routine. If you change the diet of a cat, usually it will either not eat or get sick. So you will need to bring your cat's regular food and treats, and we will feed according to your instructions.


We are happy to administer medications, although we do not give cats shots. Please put the medications in a container labeled with the cat's name and provide written directions. There is no additional charge for this service, as we derive personal satisfaction in helping any cat with special needs.

Personal Items

It may be comforting for your cat to have something from home. Common items include: a favorite toy, cat's bed, (we provide a fleece lined padded bed), a towel, t-shirt, or something that smells like home (you). Please do not bring your cat's water or food bowls, self feeding and watering equipment is fine.

Happy Cats Provides

To assure that your cat is very comfortable we provide fleece lined padded beds, carpeted shelves inside the individual kennels, and bowls for food and water. We provide a litter box and non-clumping, clay litter, but you are welcome to bring your own litter if you prefer.

Cat Carriers

You are responsible for getting your cat from your car to the building. For the safety of your cat, we strongly recommend that you do so with the use of a cat carrier. We will provide storage space for your carrier until you return.

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