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The Kennels

Cozy and Comfortable

Each cat has it's own individual kennel. The sides, top, and bottom, are solid panels, creating a very private and secure feeling.

We provide a padded, fleece bed and soft carpeted shelves for comfort. Most of the kennels have window views from the inside.

Sparkling Clean

We work hard to maintain a facility that is always immaculately clean and fresh smelling. The kennels were custom designed for easy cleaning.

Before your cat arrives, the bed, carpets, and the entire inside of the kennel are all thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant and deodorizer.

Every morning we change the litter in each litter box to prevent odor build up. The lower level is swept clean and thoroughly disinfected. The facility is fully air-conditioned to control heat and humidity.

Views from Inside the Kennels

Most of the kennels are placed in front of windows.

From the shelves the cats can look directly outside.

Cats spend hours watching birds, squirrels, and all that nature has to offer.

Ventilation and Visibility

The front of each kennel is a full-length door made with heavy wire screening. This allows for great ventilation and visibility. The top half of the back of each kennel also has the same " x " hardware cloth screening.

Through their screen door cats have full visibility of the kennel. They can see other cats and watch a cat that is out for playtime and exercise.

There are twelve operable windows that provide fresh, natural ventilation and a 30" whole house fan that adds forced ventilation when needed in wintertime.

Sharing Two Kennels

Two kennels can combine allowing cats from the same family to share the adjoining spaces.

Shown here is an 11" x 11" square opening that enables cats to "pass thru" and visit as they please. It is ideal for three cats, or two cats that may or may not always get along.

Privacy Helps Cats Relax

The walls of the individual kennels are solid so cats do not see their neighbors. This helps the cats to relax and feel comfortable when they are inside their own kennel.

Here is a group of two cat kennels 3' wide, 3' deep, and 4' tall. We also have some upper level, one cat kennels that are 3' tall.

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